About Zac

Zac Patsalides is a British Photographer currently based in London and Suffolk

He's multi skilled photographer; he showcased his first exhibition 'Keep it Local' at the age of 16, and went on to create a series of Daguerreotypes (the earliest form of photography) when he was 18 much to the amazement of his tutors. 

Zac's most popular series is 'On the Road' which follows multiple motorbike trips through Vietnam. It won Asian Geographic Youth Photographer of the year as well as being internationally published by multiple magazines and media outlets.

Zac's latest series is called 'In Double'. It's a surreal double exposure photography series taken on medium format film. It superimposes landmarks with local flora and nature. The series exemplifies the need for balance in modern society between industrialisation and nature.



Exhibitions and Commissions

  • Group Exhibition - Galerie Joseph Turenne Paris
  • Commercial Art - Charles Taylor
  • Keep It Local Solo Exhibition - Ipswich
  • On the Road Solo Exhibition - Ipswich

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